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Call for Applications

The CIMPA features a program of Support for Training in Research (STR) for the most mathematically or economically deprived areas.

The STR program consists in funding the organisation of a series of research-level courses in mathematics within the geographic areas of activities of CIMPA (Africa, Central or South America, Asia). Each application for funding shall concern one series of course on a given subject during one to four weeks, preferably by a lecturer holding a position in one of the supporting countries of CIMPA (France, Switzerland, Spain, Norway) or in a developing country.

The projects for the period March 201x-August 201x must be submitted by 3 January 201x, the projects for the period September 201x-February 201(x+1) must be submitted by 3 July 201x.

Application form:


N.B. Applications in support to Schools in Partnership will not be accepted.