Participate in the CIMPA-ICTP online course of El Hadji Diop!

El Hadji Diop's course " Mathematical Morphology in the view of Hamilton-Jacobi equations and Hopf-Lax-Oleinik formulas" from October 9 to 12.

El Hadji Diop is a professor at

University Iba Der Thiam (Senegal).

The course will be given in French on zoom.

This is a recurrent meeting, so please register only once for all 4 sessions:

The course will take place on the following days (Paris time zone):

  • Monday 9 October: 3pm - 5pm
  • Tuesday 10 Octobe: 3pm - 5pm
  • Wednesday 11 Octobe: 3pm - 5pm
  • Thursday 12 Octobe: 10am - 12am


In many image and data processing applications, for instance, data compression, feature detection, motion analysis/detection and multiband frequency analysis, performing a multiscale analysis is very important for either at multiple scales or resolutions. Because of its nonlinearity aspects and good shape and geometry description properties, mathematical morphology (MM) has been for over decades an efficient and powerful multiscale analysis tool. Various formulations were proposed for theoretical studies. An algebraic formulation based on complete lattice theory has been proposed or a functional analysis framework yielding partial differential equations (PDEs) that are in fact a particular case of the first order Hamilton-Jacobi equations whose viscosity solutions exist and are given by Hopf-Lax-Oleinik formulas (HLO). This course is oriented on the latter case, and we show the link between MM and PDES and HLO formulas. Doing this way lets us make morphological operators adaptive and robust against noise, and also extend them in non-Euclidean domains. Applications on image filtering, multiscale analysis and enhancement will be presented.

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This course will be filmed at CIRM (Marseille, France).