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SEAMS Schools of Mathematics (SEAMS)

In 2020, the CIMPA finance the organization of SEAMS Schools.


List of SEAMS 


Arithmetic, Geometry and Model Theory

Venue: Institute of Mathematics (VAST) (Vietnam)

Dates: 17-28 February, 2020


Website: http://math.ac.vn/conference/seams2020/index.php?lang=vi


School postponed to a later date due to the coronavirus

Modern Trends in Signal and Data Processing

Venue: University of the Philippines (Philippines)

Dates: 7-15 July, 2020 (date to be announced later)

Coordinators: Gino Angelo VELASCO (gamvelasco@math.upd.edu.ph​) and Roza ACESKA (raceska@bsu.edu​)

Website: https://math.upd.edu.ph/seamsschoolmanila2020/


School and Conference on Computational Commutative Algebra (COCOA)

Venue: Institute of Mathematics (VAST) (Vietnam)

Dates: 17-22 August, 2020.

Coordinators: Martin KREUZER (Martin.kreuzer@uni-passau.de) and Lorenzo ROBBIANO (robbiano@dima.unige.it)

Website: http://cocoa.dhsphue.edu.vn


School postponed in August 2021 due to the coronavirus

Modern Tools for Mathematical Modeling of Ecosystem

Venue: Caraga State University (Philippines)

Dates: 19-28 August, 2020 (date to be announced later)

Coordinators: Jayrold ARCEDE (jparcede@carsu.edu.ph) and Youcef MAMMERI (youcef.mammeri@u-picardie.fr)

Website: https://sites.google.com/view/seamsph2020