Call for Applications at SwissMAP



CIMPA and SwissMAP fund the participation of two PhDs or postgraduate mathematicians (up to 40 years of age) affiliated in a developing country (IMU list) to work for one month in Switzerland. This period is divided between the participation in a winter school at the SwissMAP Research Station in Les Diablerets and a period ofcollaboration time at a university. 

For 2024, the laureates will 

The 2 laureates selected to participate will receive financial support including:

  • Roundtrip travel between your home country and Genève (up to a maximum amount of 1600 euros, including visa fees).
  • Accommodation in Genève (provided by the university) and full board accommodation at les Diablerets.
  • Per diem allowance of 900 euros for the 3 weeks in Genève.

The call is open till October 7

Applications shall include

  • a cover letter
  • a CV with a scientific project that they wish to work on, within the following topics: Lie theory, Poisson Geometry, symplectic geometrymultiple zeta values (the links show videos of some talks by Prof. Anton Alekseev on these topics).
  • two recommendation letters that will be sent electronically by the referees. 

Candidates are advised to complete their applications early enough and to ask the referees to send the letters long before the deadline. CIMPA will not assume responsibility for any last-minute application which cannot be completed due to technical reasons.

The candidates have to apply on the web page: