Application form for CIMPA fellowships "Research in Pairs"

Application to a CIMPA fellowship "Research in Pairs" is online. Please note

  • it is necessary to be registered to fill out a form (follow this link to create an account). If several people want to work on the same document, you can share the login and password.
  • It is possible to fill out the form in several times, to navigate between the different pages and to modify the data as long as it has not been validated at the last step. Be aware that when you go back in the form, you will have to re-validate each page, one by one. It may be convenient to have a precise idea of what you will write looking first at the pdf version.
  • Be aware that when you click on links, you may leave the webform. It is therefore better to open the link in a different tab. 
  • You can use Latex to fill out certain fields. The syntax is described here.
  • Despite our efforts, bugs may still exist. Please write to this email if you encounter one.

Link to the French version

Link to the English version.