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West Asia Mathematical Schools (WAMS)

In 2020, the CIMPA finance the organization of West Asia Mathematical Schools (WAMS).


List of WAMS 


School postponed to a later date due to the coronavirus.

Mathematical Methods in Biological and Related Sciences.

Venue: Yarmouk University (Jordan) 

Dates: 5-12 April, 2020

Coordinators: Abdeljalil NACHAOUI (Abdeljalil.Nachaoui@univ-nantes.fr) and Fatima M. ABOUD (Fatima.Aboud@sciences.uodiyala.edu.iq)

website: https://www.math.sciences.univ-nantes.fr/WAMS-CIMPA-JORDANIE20/


Algebraic Structures in Cryptography

Venue: The University of Georgia (Georgia) 

Dates: 22-30 June, 2020


Due to the coronavirus the school has been postponed to the late spring of 2021.

Lattices, Diophantine Approximation and Heights

Venue: Urgench State University (Uzbekistan)

Dates: 17-22 August, 2020

website: http://www.rnta.eu/Urgench2020/


Numerical Methods for ill-posed Problems

Venue: Nesin Mathematics Village (Turkey) 

Dates: 25 October-Novembrer 1, 2020

Coordinators: Abdeljalil NACHAOUI (Abdeljalil.Nachaoui@univ-nantes.fr) and Fatima M. ABOUD (Fatima.Aboud@sciences.uodiyala.edu.iq