CIMPA supports advanced mathematical schools in partnership with continental mathematical unions or committees. These schools are usually of Master's or final Bachelor Degree level, and are intended for students living in countries where they stand and from neighboring countries. Host countries with priority 1,2 or 3 in the IMU-list of developing countries are particularly welcome.

Calls for proposals, dealing with these proposals and work with the organisers of these schools to improve projects are the responsibility of ad-hoc committees of the continental unions where CIMPA can be represented.

Once the projects of schools are approved by the continental unions, CIMPA studies them to confirm its partnership and decides the financial support that will be provided to each school. CIMPA covers the travel and living expenses of participants. Most often lecturers come from neighbouring countries and CIMPA is not represented. CIMPA support is conditioned by the "CIMPA Support Guidelines Conditions for Schools in Partnership". Click on the links below for further information on the different Schools in Partnership supported by CIMPA.