Participate in a CIMPA School

All persons, except the lecturers, wishing to attend a CIMPA School are requested to register on the local website of the school. People who require support to cover all or part of their costs of participation (travel and/or living expenses) can apply for a financial support from CIMPA on the web page:

Only the students and research teaching staff of an institution located in a developing country different from the country of the school are eligible to a financial support from CIMPA. Applications must be submitted before the deadline which is given on the CIMPA webpage of the school. Applications shall include a cover letter and two recommendation letters that will be sent electronically by the referees. Candidates are advised to complete their applications early enough and to ask the referees to send the letters long before the deadline. CIMPA will not assume responsibility for any last-minute application which cannot be completed due to technical reasons.

Applications to financial supports to participate in CIMPA Schools 2022 are open since June, 2021.