Call For CIMPA-ICTP Fellowships 2025 "Research In Pairs"


This call is aimed at mathematics researchers based in a developing country. It represents an exceptional opportunity to collaborate in Europe with a European colleague from one of the following countries: France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Spain and Switzerland. Maximum funding is €10,000, covering all expenses associated with the stay, including transport, accommodation and visa.

Don't hesitate to apply before the deadline of April 28, 2024!



Dear friends,

A few days ago, we unfortunately encountered major problems with our server. We regret this inconvenience and would like to inform you that all applications submitted on or after January 8 have been permanently lost.

Fortunately, our website and application platform are now operational. We would ask all those who have registered for a CIMPA activity to please check their registration and renew it as soon as possible if it has been lost.