How about organizing an online Cimpa Course?

An (open) online CIMPA course is an online course in Mathematics at master’s or research level for students from developing countries.

We offer several options to meet different needs and provide you with an open-source platform specifically designed to manage online interactions.

You can also record your lectures at CIMPA or at Nesin Mathematics Village.

This call for projects is ongoing, so you can submit your proposal for a CIMPA course throughout the year.

To find out more

Participate in a series of online CIMPA courses on "Modern Tools for Rational Points on Curves over Finite Fields"!

Online CIMPA Courses by Stefano Marseglia (Utrecht University, Netherlands), Christophe Ritzenthaler (Université Rennes 1/ UCA France) and Anna Somoza (Université Rennes 1).

Click here for more details on the courses.

The candidates have to apply on the web page.

The applications must be submitted by March 5, 2021.