L-functions and Modular Forms in Number Theory - Reportée en 2025






The relation between modular forms and their corresponding L-functions with various disciplines of mathematics has undergone significant evolution in the past century due to the critical role these complex analytical functions play in resolving essential problems and conjectures. The connection of modular forms and their L-functions with number theory, elliptic curves, representation theory, and algebraic geometry, among others, have resulted in diverse generalizations in different directions. The primary objective of the summer school is to acquaint graduate students in Lebanon and other regions with different types of modular forms and their practical applications.

The school is designed to be spread over two weeks, with the first week serving as an introduction to basic concepts and the second week focusing on advanced and contemporary developments. In addition to the mini-courses, the program includes a programming tutorial intended to provide students with opportunities to interact directly with the computational aspect of the theory.


Le programme scientifique est disponible sur le site local de l'Ecole : https://www.aub.edu.lb/cams/Pages/CIMPA_2024.aspx

Langue officielle de l'Ecole : Anglais

Coordinateurs administratifs et scientifiques

Wissam RAJI (American University of Beirut,
, )
Kathrin BRINGMANN (University of Cologne,
, )

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Date limite d'inscription : mars 2, 2025