P-Adic Numbers, Ultrametric Analysis, and Applications (École CIMPA 2020 reportée en raison du Covid 19)






The school aims to introduce graduate students and young researchers to the recent connections between p-adic analysis (understood in a large sense) with mathematical physics and computer science. The courses will be focused on active research areas. The tentative list of courses include: (1) introduction to p-adic analysis; (2) introduction to local zeta functions; (3) p-adic models in quantum physics; (4) the p-adic theory of automata; (5) p-adic electrostatics; (6)  Strings amplitudes, local zeta functions, and log-Coulomb gases. Besides lectures, we are also planning sessions devoted to solving exercises and informal meetings to propose and discuss research problems.

Langue officielle de l'école : anglais

Coordinateurs administratifs et scientifiques

Wilson A ZÚÑIGA-GALINDO (The Center for Research and Advanced Studies of the National Polytechnic, Department of Mathematics,
, )
Trond DIGERNES (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Department of Mathematical Sciences,
, )

Programme scientifique

Cours 1: "Introduction to p-adic Analysis", Trond DIGERNES (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norvège) & W. A. ZUNIGA-GALINDO (The Center for Research and Advanced Studies, Department of Mathematics, Mexique)

Cours 2: "Introduction to Local Zeta Functions", Edwin LEON-CARDENAL (CIMAT-Zacatecas, Mexique)

Cours 3: "p-Adic Models in Quantum Physics", Ingmar SABERI (Heidelberg University, Allemagne)

Cours 4: "The p-adic Theory of Automata", Vladimir ANASHIN (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russie)

Cours 5: "p-Adic Electrostatics", Christopher SINCLAIR (University of Oregon, USA)

Cours 6: "Strings Amplitudes, Local Zeta Functions, and log-Coulomb Gases", Hugo GARCÍA-COMPEÁN & W. A. ZUNIGA-GALINDO (The Center for Research and Advanced Studies, Departments of Physics and Mathematics, Mexique)

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