Cryptography, Theoretical and Computational Aspects of Algebraic Number Theory and Algebra - ECOLE ANNULEE






The school will present modern tools of number theory and algebra, with a focus on their use in cryptography. Although cryptography has a long history, it has developed during the 20th century into a modern science with the help of computer science and mathematical tools coming from algebra, number theory, combinatorics, geometry. The minicourses will present various aspects of the subject: elementary and algebraic number theory, elliptic curves, primality tests, representation theory, lattices, computational aspects, applications to cryptography. Training sessions will be devoted to PARI/GP and SageMath, two efficient computer algebra systems which are open-source and widely used by the community.

The school aims at promoting and developing these new research areas for teachers and researchers in Haiti, attracting new students and developing scientific collaborations with other countries (France, USA, the Caribbean,...), including co-directions of Ph.D. students.

Coordinateurs administratifs et scientifiques

Jean-Marie VILAIRE (Institut des sciences, des technologies et des études avancées d'Haiti ,
, )
Cécile ARMANA (Université de Franche-Comté ,
, )

Programme scientifique

Cours 1: "Some aspects of algebraic number theory related with cryptography", Michel WALDSCHMIDT (Université de Paris 6, France)

Cours 2: "Elementary number theory and cryptography ", Alain TOGBE (Purdue University Northwest, USA)

Cours 3: "Elementary Approach to Elliptic curves", Francesco PAPPALARDI (Università Roma Tre, Italie)

Cours 4: "On prime numbers and primality tests", Carlos Gustavo MOREIRA (Instituto Nacional de Matematica Pura e Aplicada, Brésil)

Cours 5: "Representations of the Symmetric Group and Applications", Alfred NOEL (University of Massachusetts at Boston, USA)

Cours 6: "Introduction to Algorithmic Number Theory", Cécile ARMANA (Université de Franche-Comté, France)

Cours 7: "Lattices and Cryptography", Adriana SALERNO (Bates College, USA)

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