Vector Bundles






This school is an introduction to subjects of current interest related to vector bundles. The aim of the courses is to provide the necessary tools for conducting research in these areas. Each course will start with classical material and will take the audience to the frontier of research in the subject. Considering the wide range of topics that to be covered, the School will be directed at students and researchers in mathematics and physics interested in the subject. One of the aims of the school is to promote interaction between the participants and the experts.

Coordinateurs administratifs et scientifiques

Leticia Brambila (CIMAT, Guanajuato,
, )

Programme scientifique

Cours 1: "Geometric Invariant Theory", Peter Newstead (University of Liverpool, UK)

Cours 2: "Vector Bundles on algebraic curves", S. Ramanan (Chennai Mathematics Institute,India)

Cours 3: "Principal Bundles", V. Balaji ( Chennai Mathematics Institute, India)

Cours 4: "Deformation Theory and Stalks", X. Gomez-Mont (CIMAT, Mexico)

Cours 5: "Brill-Noether Theory", I. Grzegorczyk ( University of Channel Islands, USA)

Cours 6: "Representations of surface groups and Higgs bundles ", O. Garcia-Prada ( CSIC, Spain)

Cours 7: "Fourier-Mukai and Nahm transform", Ugo Bruzzo ( SISSA, Italy & D. Hernandez-Ruiperez (Universidad de Salamanca, Spain)

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