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Presentation of online CIMPA Courses and Call for Applications

An online CIMPA course is online teaching at master or research level in Mathematics with one (or several) institutions located in developing countries.See the list of past and future CIMPA online courses (they are indicated with a "online teaching" tag).

Online teaching is a demanding task and CIMPA helps by offering logistic assistance to the lecturer and the audience:

  • The lecturer may come to Nice where his/her lectures will be recorded by us in good conditions and put on our networks for the students to watch and download. You can of course also re-use a course which was recorded for another occasion;
  • We offer well-designed open-source software solutions to handle the online interactions;
  • If needed, we can offer to the local institutions financial support to buy some equipments for online activities.

You must think about your videos as the first step of your course as we believe that the value of the course lies equally in the interaction with the students. You are free to suggest any appropriate method to reach this goal. We propose the following format:

  • Once the courses are recorded, the students are free to watch them during a period of time to be defined;
  • During that time, an online chat platform (e.g. Zulip) or web-conferencing (e.g. Big Blue Button) is set up, so the students can interact and ask their questions on the videos. CIMPA can help setting up such platform (and will have its own soon);
  • Meanwhile, or at the end of this period, the students give feedbacks, for instance by delivering short videos or pdf of corrections of exercises.

The Call for Applications is open permanently, projects of online CIMPA Courses may be submitted at any time during the year. 

Preparation/Submission stage:

After acceptance of the proposal: