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Call for Applications for the CRM Intensive Research Programme SAFAIS-2019 (October-December 2019)

From October 21 to December 15, 2019​ will be held:

The Intensive Research Programme SAFAIS-2019

"Spaces of Analytic Functions: Approximation, Interpolation, Sampling"



The purpose of the CIMPA-CRM program is to fund the participation of several young mathematicians from developing countries to the activities of Intensive Research Programmes at the CRM in Barcelona.

Young scientists (master students soon looking for a PhD, PhD students, postdocs) meeting those criteria and interested in the topics are much encouraged to apply for a support to participate in the Intensive Research Programme SAFAIS-2019  "Spaces of Analytic Functions: Approximation, Interpolation, Sampling".

More information on the scientific program here.

Details on the support

The laureates of the CIMPA-CRM program will receive a financial support including:

  • Roundtrip travel between your home country and Barcelona (including visa fees).
  • Accommodation in Barcelona and per diem (in housing provided by the CRM).

How to apply

The candidates have to apply on the web page:

The applications must be submitted by June 15, 2019.