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This School aims to bring together graduate students and young researchers from all  regions in Brazil and countries of the South America as audience, and confirmed researchers from all over the world representing different approaches to singularities in Mathematics as speakers.

The school will offer a solid introduction to this rich topic  by presenting the fundamentals of the topology and geometry of singularities of spaces and maps, and of the geometric bifurcation theory, together with the necessary algebraic and analytic tools, aiming to a bunch of current research lines.
Will be presented ongoing research topics such as determinantal varieties, bifurcation of families, fibrations structures and new classes of singularities, Lipschitz geometry of singularities, vision and other applications. All courses will be planned to provide the students with practical tools via the open source computer algebra system ‘Singular’.

Official language of the school:  English



This school will take place in two stages: a first online part in 2021, then a second face-to-face part in 2022.

Administrative and scientific coordinators

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Mihai Marius TIBAR (Université de Lille,
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Scientific program

Course 1: "Topology of Singularities", Raimundo ARAUJO DOS SANTOS (ICMC-USP, Brazil)

Course 2: "Singularities and Algebraic Methods", Maria Aparecida RUAS (ICMC, Univ. Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Course 3: "Computing and Applications", Anne FRÜHBIS-KRÜGER (Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany)

Course 4: "Bifurcation Theory and Lipschitz Geometry", Mihai Marius TIBAR (University of Lille, France)

Website of the school

How to participate

For the first part, the registration is done directly on the local website of the school:

Deadline for application for the first part: April 30, 2021


Part Two:

To register and apply for CIMPA funding, follow the instructions given here.

Deadline for registration and application: March 13, 2022

See the scientific program on the local website: