Hopf Algebras and Tensor Categories






The school is organized around two thematic axes: Hopf algebras and tensor categories. The school is intended to introduce Ph.D. students and young researchers on both areas, to explain how they are interrelated, and also to present applications and new lines of research.

The courses on Hopf algebras aim to present the basics of this theory, the most relevant techniques and the classification program of finite-dimensional Hopf algebras. The theory of Nichols algebras will be presented, and how it fits into the classification program.

The courses on tensor categories aim to present basic notions of tensor categories, some new developments in the classification of such objects, and how these algebraic objects appear as symmetries of diverse structures of mathematical physics and computing science. The courses will survey an introduction, some techniques applied in their classification and also how the theory of Hopf algebras can be a powerful tool in this context.

Administrative and scientific coordinators

Martín MOMBELLI (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba,
, )
Juan CUADRA (Universidad de Almería,
, )

Scientific program

Course 1: "Introduction to Hopf algebras", Gastón GARCÍA (Universidad Nacional de la Plata, Argentina)

Course 2: "The lifting method", Ivan ANGIONO (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina)

Course 3: "Introduction to Nichols algebras", Istvan HECKENBERGER (Philipps Universiy of Marburg, Germany)

Course 4: "An introduction to tensor and modular categories", Julia PLAVNIK (Texas A & M - University, USA)

Course 7: "Compact quantum groups ", Sergey NESHVEYEV (Mathematics institute, University of Oslo, Norway)

Course 8: "Ring-theoretic and homological properties of Hopf algebras and (co)module algebras", Chelsea WALTON (Temple University, USA)

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How to participate

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Deadline for registration and application:  April 14, 2019.