Graphs, Algorithms and Randomness






This school is about a smooth transition from classical graph theory to modern approaches. At first extension of coloring results to homomorphisms of digraphs are presented. Next lectures would be on algorithmic graph theory with classic approaches such as LexBFS ordering being combined with modern ideas. Mixing algorithms with applications, there will be lectures on distributed algorithms. School will conclude by lectures on how to use power of randomness, which is a rather new modern and powerful method.

Administrative and scientific coordinators

Afshin BEHMARAM (Faculty of Mathematics, Tabriz University,
, )
Reza NASERASR (CNRS and IRIF-Paris 7,
, )

Scientific program

Course 1: "Colouring problems on oriented graphs", Eric SOPENA (LaBRI, Bordeaux University, France)

Course 2: "Efficient graph algorithms and applications", Michel HABIB (IRIF-Paris 7, France)

Course 3: "Distributed Network Computing", Pierre FRAIGNIAUD (CNRS, IRIF-Paris 7, France)

Course 4: "Power of randomness in algorithms and complexity", Frederic MAGNIEZ (CNRS, IRIF-Paris 7, France)

Course 5: "Decoding algorithms for codes based on random graphs", Omid ETESAMI (Researcher at IPM, Tehran-Iran)

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How to participate

For registration and application to a CIMPA financial support, follow the instructions given here

Deadline for registration and application:  April 15, 2019.