Mathematical Tools and Methods for the Analysis and the Regulation of Fisheries






The main aim of the school is to give an overview of mathematical and computer science methods used in the modeling of fishery resources and aquatic ecosystems. We also want to introduce some new tools from Control Theory and Games Theory that can be useful for the management of fisheries. The other goal of this school is to initiate some collaborative researches between mathematicians and fisheries scientists from African and northern countries.

Administrative and scientific coordinators

Isselkou Ould Ahmed Izid Bih (Faculté des Sciences et Techniques, Nouakchott,
, )
Abderrahman Iggidr (INRIA-Lorraine,
, )

Scientific program

Course 1: "Basic concepts in Biological Oceanography: qualitative and quantitative ecosystem indicators", Omar Ettahiri (INRH, Morocco)

Course 2: "Biomass harvesting theory with application to bioeconomic principles. Beverton-and-Holt yield-per-recruit theory. Age structured harvesting models with extensions to include nonlinear recruitment. Application of Monte-Carlo simulation methods to stochastic analysis of models", Wayne M. Getz (University of California at Berkeley,USA)

Course 3: "Use of Partial Differential Equations in the modeling and the analysis of fisheries systems", Hassan Hbid & Mohamed Khaldi (Université Cadi Ayyad, Marrakech, Morocco)

Course 4: "Methods of aggregation of variables in dynamical systems and applications to population dynamics", Pierre Auger (IRD, UR "GEODES", Bondy, France)

Course 5: "Ecosystemic approach in fisheries", Christian Mullon (IRD, UR "GEODES", Bondy, France)

Course 6: "Individual and Agent based models in fisheries", Jean-Pierre Treuil (IRD, UR "GEODES", Bondy, France)

Course 7: "Introduction of basic notions of Games Theory with applications to the management of aquatic resources", Odile Pourtallier (INRIA-Sophia Antipolis, France)

Course 8: "Notions of Control Theory with applications to the estimation and to the regulation of fish stocks", Abderrahman Iggidr (INRIA-Lorraine, France) & Jean-Luc Gouzé (INRIA-Sophia Antipolis, France) & Suzanne Touzeau (INRA, Jouy-en-Josas, France)

Course 9: "Spatialized fisheries models. The ISIS-Fish example", Hilaire Drouineau (IFREMER, département EMH, Nantes, France)

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