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African Diaspora Mathematicians Program (ADMP) - Call for Applications

The Commission for Developing Countries (CDC) of the International Mathematical Union (IMU) is launching the African Diaspora Mathematicians Program (ADMP) to support establishment of partnerships between African Diaspora mathematicians and mathematics academic units at universities in Africa for the purposes of postgraduate training and research collaboration, among other activities.

Three partnerships will be funded for two years and, every year, the grant will cover the following costs for the African Diaspora mathematician: airfare, travel insurance, visa processing and living expenses for 3 to 6 weeks at the host university in Africa. In addition, there will be funds for acquisition of educational materials such as books, software, journals and other learning material for the host institution. Before an application is submitted, African Diaspora mathematicians and mathematics academic units in Africa are encouraged to identify suitable partners and engage in appropriate planning.

For further requirements and application, please go here.