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Operator Theory and The Principles of Quantum Mechanics

English Version

CIMPA-MOROCCO research school

Faculté des Sciences, Meknès, Morocco, September 8-17, 2014

Report by Nadia Boudi

Report by Mercedes Siles

Number of participants : 87 including 26 women

Linear Algebra and Operator Theory are powerful tools in the study of Quantum Mechanics. The main aim of this CIMPA research school is to introduce students, young researchers and all interested mathematicians having background in linear algebra and basic operator theory to the foundations of Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Information.

Administrative and scientific coordinators :

- Nadia Boudi, University Moulay Ismail, Morocco,
- Mercedes Siles Molina, University of Malaga, Spain,

Scientific Committee :

- Abdelmalek Azizi, University of Oujda, Morocco
- Adán Cabello, University of Sevilla, Spain
- Lajos Molnár, University of Debrecen, Hungary
- Peter Šemrl, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Organizing Committee :

- Jilali Assim, University of Meknès, Morocco
- Nadia Boudi, University of Meknès, Morocco
- Mohamed El Fetnassi, University of Meknès, Morocco
- Maribel Ramírez, University of Almería, Spain
- Mercedes Siles Molina, University of Málaga, Spain

Scientific program :

The mini-courses and invited lectures are :

- Abdelmalek Azizi (University of Oujda, Morocco), Les idées modernes de la cryptographie numérique dans les pages d’histoire du Maroc.
- Ingemar Bengtsson (University of Stockholm, Sweden), A geometric approach to Quantum entanglement.
- Mohamed Bennai (University Hassan II, Casablanca, Morocco), L’implémentation des portes logiques en électrodynamique en Cavité.
- Dagmar Bruss (University of Düsseldorf, Germany), Introduction to Quantum information.
- Adán Cabello (University of Sevilla, Spain), The principles of Quantum mechanics.
- Alexei Grinbaum ( CEA-LARSIM, France), Quantum logical structures.
- El Amin Kaidi (University of Almeria, Spain), Sur les espaces de Banach Hopfiens et Cohopfiens.
- Lajos Molnár (University of Debrecen, Hungary), Quantum structures and their transformations.
- Markus P. Müller (Heidelberg University , Germany), Quantum theory from five simple operational axioms.
- Peter Šemrl (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia), Symmetries on bounded observables.
- Barbara Terhal (University of Aachen, Germany), Mathematical concepts in the theory of Quantum entanglement.
- Maria Victoria Velasco Collado (University of Granada, Spain), About the mathematical foundation of quantum mechanics.

There will be also lectures and talks by specialists from Morocco, Spain and neighbouring countries.

The courses will be given in English. Lectures and talks can be in french.

Deadline for registration :

June 15, 2014

Application procedure only for applicants not from Morocco.

Applicants from Morocco must contact local organizer : Nadia Boudi

Voir en ligne : Local web site