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We request that you kindly read the following conditions with utmost care until the end (one page).

Please understand that CIMPA has a rigorous annual financial audit by independent authorities. In the case when not all of our original documents are perfectly clear, this will be noted and the financial support we receive may stop or be reduced. You need to contribute as much as you can in order to pursue our common mission for young mathematicians. Please make sure you comply with these guidelines : this is mandatory for the remittance of the complete support and a prerequisite for future activities. Failure may result in the denial of support for future projects related to the organizers or their organization.

at least 2/3 of CIMPA support need to be used for travel and/or living expenses of young researchers (less than 38 or recent PhD) from neighbouring countries of the activity. The host country has to finance the participation of its own young mathematicians. In case of large and documented financial difficulty, CIMPA may replace it for a few cases. At most 1/3 can be used for lecturers (economy class travel and/or standard living expenses).

NOT ALLOWED : reimbursements for participants living in developed countries (even if their nationality is from a developing country) ; registration fees ; proceedings ; organizational expenses. CIMPA do not support any activity where the lecturers or speakers receive honorariums (through any financial support used to this end) beside the normal reimbursing living expenses.
- VISAS : CIMPA will not reimburse tickets in case of failure for obtaining a visa.

MANDATORY BY EMAIL ( IN ORDER TO OBTAIN 50% SUPPORT : expected list of participants (with age and status) who will benefit from CIMPA support as well as the amount considered for each one for travel expenses and/or living expenses.

Bank account data. Organizers need to open a specific bank account mentioning the name of the activity, or to use a bank account of the institute/university. Send name and number of the bank account, Bank Identifier Code (BIC) also called SWIFT. Include the name and address of the bank/branch and if possible the International Bank Account Number (IBAN). Be very complete. Upon receipt and approval we will provide first half support in euros.

REPORT : a scientific, administrative and financial report must be submitted ( within one month after the activity. You need to mention all the financial supports you have received. Include a table with detailed and total expenses by participant corresponding to CIMPA. You can include possible documented fares for the transferred first half amount. Send also a complete list of participants, with their institution names, status and email.

REGISTERED MAIL to CIMPA, 4 Avenue Joachim – Bât. A, 06100 Nice, FRANCE : we need the following
-  original signed receipts for each individual CIMPA grant with copy of each beneficiary’s ID’s,
-  original transportation tickets, boarding passes, receipts,
-  original hotel invoices/receipts,
-  original invoices/receipts for all others expenses made with CIMPA support.

Scan each document, send them by email ( AND THE ORIGINALS BY REGISTERED MAIL (scan also the corresponding receipt, it will be reimbursed too).

CIMPA will then send the remaining precise amount corresponding to the expenses (up to the second 50% of the accorded support). We wish you a useful and nice activity. Send as soon as possible an email to CIMPA explaining that you have read and have fully understood all the above guidelines.

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